Scary Maze Games Online

The maze game is a quite often called the scary maze game. If you're looking for regular maze games then perhaps you should try here.

The idea behind the maze game is to get the little dot from the start to the finish without bumping into anything like walls etc. If you manage this you are taken to the next level. Hitting something sends to back to the beginning of the game to try again.

The maze game may look simple at first and not offer much in the way of surprises but it's known as the scary maze game for a reason...

The scary maze game isn't actually that scary. You should just relax and put the speakers up nice and loud while you are playing it. It's not like there will be any surprises or anything like that (hint hint). Just concentrate on the little dot and guiding it to the exit as smoothly as possible.

When you are playing the maze game you will probably wonder what all the fuss is about. It's nothing to worry about, just play the maze game until you get bored. I made it to level 15 before it got too hard and I had to call it a day.

Most maze games are boring but this one gets really exciting around level 15 (hint hint). If you can play it that long you're probably going to want to be sitting down because you're in for a really big shock at the end of level 15.

Don't worry about anything until the end of level 15 because the maze game won't do anything scary until then... I promise!!!


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